Erasmus As A Gateway To The World


Even though Paris is only a few hours away from Luxembourg by TGV, Georges Lemmer had actually never made the trip to the French capital before going there for an Erasmus semester in January 2011. He immediately got to know other Erasmus students from such diverse countries as Mexico, Canada, Finland, or Germany — and it only added to the irony that his stay in Paris improved his level of …English!


Together, they went to explore the city. Georges’s favourite part became Le Marais, the Jewish quarter, with its tiny streets, lovely cafes, and bakeries offering the most delicious cakes. He himself lived in the XVI arrondissement, not far from the attraction known to each and every tourist: the Eiffel Tower, but preferred to go out in this little known, yet very lively, part of town.


The host university had a different approach to psychology compared to what he had been used to. In Luxembourg, the approach is very scientific, whereas Paris added a philosophical aspect too. The inspiring discussions that followed with his fellow students of psychology made Georges even more interested in his subject, and he chose a specialisation focusing on multicultural aspects.


That is also why the Erasmus experience has had an important impact on Georges’s further professional path: In October 2012, he left for Africa. In the town of Mbour in Senegal, he is doing a six-­‐month internship at a non-­‐governmental organisation dealing with micro credits to help sex workers and people infected with HIV in getting out of their current situation and finding new perspectives in life.

Georges warmly encourages students to go abroad and praises the approach of the University of Luxembourg where mobility is a rule instead of an exception.


©2012 by Bjørn Clasen


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